Seki Sword Smith Museum

300JPY〜(Excluding Tax) Location:
Gifu Gifu


■ Denshokan Museum entering a building charges
・Senior higy school student :200JPY
・Elementary and junior high school student :100JPY

※ You will be free of charge, if you present a disability certificate and a maternity record book for asking.
※ Denshokan Museum entering a building charges may be changed by temporary exhibition holding. For more details, please refer beforehand to seki denshokan.

■ Training visit charges
・High school student 200JPY
・Primary and secondary student 100JPY

※ Open house became charged than 2018, too.
※ We beat and, on expression, Cutlery Festival, November 8 (day of knife), are free at the start


■ Exhibition day of 2019
・Sunday (but except October, January) every month first Date of the demonstration of sword making (plan)
・4/7, 5/5, 6/2, 7/7, 8/4, 9/1, 10/12.13 (Cutlery Festival)
・11/3, 12/1, 1/2 (beat the beginning type), 2/2, 3/1

■ The time for demonstration by sword smiths
・10:30 a.m. ~
・1:30 p.m. ~

■ The time for demonstoration by the other craftsmen such as polishers, hilt wrappers, scabbard makers and Habaki makes
・11:00 a.m. -, 1:00 p.m. -, 2:00 p.m

Facility Info

  • ● Tel


  • ● Address
    9-1 Minamikasugacho, Seki, Gifu
  • ● Opening hours

    09:00 ~ 16:30

※As the information is provided to us by a third-party for foreign martial arts enthusiasts, we are not liable for its contents.

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