Ryukyu Kobudo training course

20,000JPY〜(Excluding Tax) Location:
Okinawa Okinawa

Notes (Info)

You need to respect Okinawan Karate Grand master.
You have to BOW when you entry leave DOJO.
Do not bother other students.
Please bring Karate uniform, towels and drink for lesson by yourself.
Make sure you arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of lesson.
Be sure to turn off the mobile phone during lesson.
You are not allowed to take a picture or record without permission in lesson.

Facility Info

  • ● Tel


  • ● Address
    Shimoji Building 3F, 3-1-13, Asato, Naha city, Okinawa, Japan
  • ● Opening hours

    18:00〜22:00 (depending on DOJOs)

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