Oze Cormorant Fishing

3,400JPY〜(Excluding Tax) Location:
Gifu Gifu


◇ Group application(10 persons): 28,000 yen in May, June and August

◇ (20 persons): 52,000 yen in May, June and August

◇ Kotatsu set in the floor type (18-passenger)
-58,000 yen a month(May, June and October)
- 60,000 yen a month(July,August and September)

◇ Kotatsu set in the floor type (14-passenger)
・38,000 yen a month(May, June and October)
・41,000 yen a month(July,August and September)

◇ Individual application
・3,400 yen(May,June and August)
・3,600 yen (July,August and September)

※ There are two types of lunch, 2,300 yen and 1,600 yen, served with a bottle of tea. A child's lunch with abottle of tea for a child is 1,100 yen.


■ The traditional skills inherited
It is said that the history of Oze cormorant fishing is as old as that of Gifu City's cormorant fishing on the Nagara River snd both of them have inherited the traditon of the Mino cormorant fishing. This is mentioned in a historical book written in the Nara era about 1,300 years ago. It is also said that the methods of cormorant fishing in both cities were praised by Emperor Daigo in the Heian era about 1,100 years ago and that the title of the cormorant fishing masteer was given by Nobunaga Oda, a powerful federal lord, and ayu sushi was presented to Ieyasu Tokugawa, the founder of the Tokugawa shougunate government at the beginning of 17th century.
Thus,Oze cormorant fishing was protected by the persons in power of the times. It fell under the direct control of the Imperial Household Agency of the Meiji goverment in1890. The traditional fishing method that it was continues now on the Nagara River.

■ Enjoy the simplicity, naturalness and true pleasure of cormorant fishing first hand.
The curtain of a drama opens at the time when darkness starts to cover one of the scenic spots along the Oku Nagara River. Cormorant fishing boats and sightseeing boats go down the river side-by-side. Visitors can directly see cormorants take hold of fish and see the skillfulness of the cormorant fishing masters. Oze cormorant fishing is gaining more popularity becouse visitors can enjoy the simplicity and true pleasure of cormorant fishing at hand.

■ Cormorants captured in and taken from Ibaraki Prefecture
Cormorats used for cormorant fishing are sea cormorants which are captured on a cliff at the seashore of Hitachi City in Ibaraki Prefecture and taken to Seki with permission from the government. A wild sea cormorant learns how to catch fish by imitating what experienced cormorants do and become a full cormorant after three years' training.
The cormorant fishing master trains cormorants for three years, paying attention of their physical condition and strength. The cormorants have a medical checkup in spring and fall every year.

■ Cormorant fishing masters desingnated by the Imperial Household Agency
There are now three cormorant fishing masuters in service at Oze, Masaaki Iwasa the fourth, Taichi Adachi the third and Youichiro Adachi the eighteenth. They continues cormorant fishing as the fishing masters designated by the Imperial Household Agency.

Notes (Info)

・Period:From May 11th to October 15th
・Application should be made 5 days in advance.
・Cormorant fishing is suspended when the river rises and a typhoon comes.

Facility Info

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    3-1, Wakakusadori, Seki-shi, Gifu

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