NINJA DO! (Sapporo Ninja Experience)

5,000JPY〜(Excluding Tax) Location:
Hokkaido Hokkaido


【1】 Ninja traning
・Adult 5,000 Yen
・Child 4,000 Yen(Under aged 12)

【2】 Reserve the whole facility
・35,000 Yen(The number of participants:7 persons maximum)


・No.1 「Japanese culture」
You can experience and enjoy the traditional ninja culture.

・No.2 「transformation」
The Ninja Dojo has several tricks inside. You will be training with real Ninja weapons in real Ninja costume.

・No.3 「wisdom」
Plus we will simply give you some Ninja tips.It would be not only fun and exciting but a helpful experience in your daily use as well.

・No.4 「memory」
The quality photo shooting will be waiting for you at the end!

Notes (Info)

Time schedule
1st 10:00〜、2nd 13:00〜、3rd 15:00〜、4th 17:00〜

Participants :Aged 4 and up
Time Required 90 mins
Number of participants:10 persons maximum each time

Facility Info

  • ● Tel


  • ● Address
    Toyohira 3-8-1-28
  • ● Opening hours

    10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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