Learn Japanese Heart and Ways in Kanazawa, City of SAMURAI

ASK Location:
Kanagawa Kanagawa


■Travel plan
1)Learn about Zen in a relaxing environment
・Place:The D.T. Suzuki museum
First, we will head to the D.T. Suzuki museum which introduces “Zen and the Oriental Thought”. There, you will be able to feel the heart of Japan which is Zen. A must-see is the Water Mirror Garden, where you will be able to touch “Daisetz’s heart”, “Japan’s Heart” while looking at the water.

2)Kyudo(Archery) Experience
・Place:Kenrokuen Kyudo training hall
Then, we will walk to the historical Kenrokuen Kyudo training hall. There, you will experiment the traditional Japanese sport that is Kyudo (Japanese archery).
For the workshop you will change in specific Kyudo gear, and teachers and Instructors from the Ishikawa Kyudo Association will teach you a sequence Of actions that is called Shaho Hassetsu and which includes everything from Etiquette and posture to actually shooting an arrow.

3)Tea ceremony experience
・Place:Tea house
Experience tea ceremony in a historical tearoom

Notes (Info)

・Walking shoes
・ Comfortable clothing

※As the information is provided to us by a third-party for foreign martial arts enthusiasts, we are not liable for its contents.

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