IKUSA〜Samurai Battle Game

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Aichi Aichi


■ Price

■ Samurai Battle Game is practiced in the following events.
・"IKUSA" Samurai Battle Game
・"IKUSA"Samurai Battle Game With Children's International Summer Villages
・International Chanbara "Samurai Wars"
・Samurai Battle Game
・Team Building

■ Options
・Original jinbaori rental
・Rental of the original armor
・Awards ceremony at another venue
・Photo shooting
・Water Warefare
・Battle Wall
・Original banner flag creation
・Web page creation
・Samurai order
・Armor Bibs


■ Features of IKUSA

・An activity that trains brain and body
Enjoy this team building activity using brain and body! Strategy meeting also helps to experience PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle in an entertaining environment!

・A worldwide game that can be enjoyed regardless of age, nationality and gender​ ​
Because the rules are simple, anyone can enjoy immediately regardless of age, nationality and gender.
IKUSA is perfect as part of employee welfare, training program, event/product promotion campaign etc.

・An excellent staff runs the event
​The one and only "Samurai Battle Consultant" annually organizes more than 100 battle events.
We take care of all the organisation, so you don't have to worry about it!

・An activity that promotes local community
It is possible to customize the Samurai battle with anecdotes and history of the area.
By adding special rules, we will create the chance to learn about your area while playing.

Notes (Info)

There are many recommended venues except Aichi prefectures.

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